Mobile devices are rapidly proliferating worldwide. As mobile web access is outpacing traditional desktop access, organizations must address the mobile channel. Enlightened Technology can develop an easy and cost effective solution to seamlessly extend traditional web content and functions to mobile, while delivering specific solutions for unique marketing within the mobile channel.

In order to achieve a website that will render on these smaller screen mobile devices a new set of code and standards has been developed and is totally different from the code your traditional website is built on. Having a mobile website will allow your pages to load faster and also be indexed in the mobile search engines.

Much of the population owns a mobile device, the figures and projections are staggering and therefore the early adopters of mobile websites will hold an advantage for not only revenue but also indexing and top placement in the mobile searches. With technology, more and more internet searches are now being done on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry) than on laptops or desktop computers.

There are many reasons why having a mobile website makes sense:

  • Your current website is not displaying correctly on the smaller screens of mobile devices.
  • Your visitors will not stay on a website if they have to “do the pinch and pull”.
  • Having a mobile compatible website will get you listed in the mobile search engines.
  • Mobile websites are easier for mobile visitors to take action.
  • 95% of current websites will not render correctly on mobile devices
  • Your current site loads very slowly on mobile devices.

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