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Our Search Marketing Services leave nothing to chance. We are involved in every detail of your optimization campaign.

Search Engine Optimization involves more than just driving traffic to your website, it ensures that the traffic is relevant and converts into business. Increasing traffic and higher ranking positions on search engines is just the beginning. It is critical that your SEO company is converting those visitors into new customers. As a leading SEO company of Dallas, Forth Worth and Houston, our ultimate aim is to allow you to spend time closing new business opportunities brought to you through search engine visibility, rather than wondering how to attract those target customers in the first place!

The crucial difference between everyday Dallas and Houston SEO Company and Enlightened Technology is that we provide a fully managed search engine optimization service focused not only on getting your site ranked, but getting you results from those rankings and  qualified traffic to your site. We offer an ongoing, year-round commitment to not only improve the number of people visiting your site, but the caliber of those visitors and potential client prospects too.

We achieve these results by geo-targeting your online marketing presence from a local, regional or national level. Our study begins as soon as a client signs up, beginning with an analysis of your industry to ensure your plan is customized to your exact needs. We follow an ethical search engine optimization process that has been built on years of experience, research and development.


Our process encompasses the following:

Process Plan - One of the reasons Enlightened Technology is a leading SEO Company in Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston is because our managed search engine marketing solution is based on a detailed, proprietary Process Plan. By implementing the plan meticulously and consistently, we deliver successful, reproducible results for each campaign. The results are measurable so you can easily compute your ROI.

Site Optimization - We optimize your website to match the search habits of your prospects and make it as receptive as possible for the search engines to properly index and view your site as an authority site.

Link Building Campaign - Our team will initiate a relevant link building campaign to increase your site’s popularity and page ranking where appropriate. "Link Popularity" and "Link Analysis" is one of the most important attributes for achieving solid web site placement. Every major crawler-based search engine uses link analysis as part of their ranking algorithms. This is done because it is very difficult for webmasters to "fake" good links, in the way they might try to spam search engines by manipulating the words on their web pages.

Search Analytics - We will provide you with up to the minute information available 24 hours a day, with executive summaries sent to you every month. We continuously monitor the web for your position in search engines as well as visitor tracking on your site. We utilize this to re-optimize your site to ensure the right keyword/phrases are ranking as needed to ensure that we help achieve your online marketing objectives. The extra steps we take to keep your campaign on an upward trend is why Enlightened Technology is considered one of the leading SEO Companies in Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston

Keyword Management & Monitoring - As an experienced SEO Company within the Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston areas, we continually monitor your website’s progress in the search engines as well as interpret important search analytic data that includes what terms visitors to your site are actually typing in and how many visitors to your site actually convert to a sale or take action that will lead to a sale.

Social & Source Site Submissions - As a leading SEO Company of Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston our team will perform ongoing submissions and monitoring of your website to the major social networking sites and source search engines, press release sources and social bookmarking sites.

Dedicated Campaign Manager - Your Campaign Manager is responsible for achieving all milestones and tracking the progress of your site as well as reporting on the visitor traffic. You will receive monthly updates and reports that will help you monitor the work being done on your website.

We offer multiple campaign plans tailored to your geo-target and budget constraints. Do you still have questions? No problem, request a quote today to get started and get Enlightened!

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