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Enlightened Technology specializes in designing and building custom websites using Sitefinity, Kentico, Umbraco, WordPress or your choice of CMS. CMS systems are a powerful, extensible, and highly customizable content management system that allows web designers, developers, and end users to quickly build feature rich websites.

CMS systems are a flexible content management platform that is used for the construction and management of commercial websites, community portals, intranets, and more. Many CMS products leverage the .NET development patterns including master pages, templates, standard user controls, themes and CSS. Engineered with flexibility and extensibility in mind to give developers the freedom they need to integrate legacy applications or use custom 3rd party controls and modules.

Here is a partial list of features that a CMS system can provide right out of the box. But you are not limited there. Often times these features can easily be extended by creating ASP.NET custom controls that can do anything that your business or organization would need.

  • Lists
  • Web Forums
  • Blogs
  • News
  • Newsletter
  • Polls
  • Images and Documents Library
  • Data provider for Amazon S3 and Viddler
  • Events
  • Calendar
  • Wiki
  • Sitemap
  • Generic Content
  • RSS
  • Search

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