Cloud Backup

Acronis Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup is a powerful and unobtrusive backup service that ensures any organization is able to safely backup its data to either a hybrid local/cloud scenario or to Enlightened Technology’s secure US hosted Cloud.

The service allows you to schedule automatic online backup plans, restore lost files and provides monitoring reports and logs. The online backup services ensure that your important business data is safely under control and securely available from any internet connected device.

Enlightened Technology Server online backup services is a secure, automated backup service that intelligently backs up all your important business data and information to a fully managed, ISO accredited Tier 3+ data center.

Server Backup benefits include:
  • Protect your IT infrastructure from physical to virtual and Windows to Linux based systems, protect your whole IT infrastructure
  • Easier to Run - Say goodbye to costly tapes and cumbersome rotation schemas involved in classic backup systems
  • Simple to Manage - Automatic deployment and easy to use management console, set & forget and assured that all data is backed up safely.
  • Only Transfer What's Necessary - Reduce backup time, network usage and storage requirements.
  • Reduce Storage Costs - De-duplication ensures you don’t save the same file twice.
  • Consistent protection of all running applications with VSS support including Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and Active Directory.

Acronis Cloud Backup
  • $0.45 per GB month
  • Open file backup
  • Support for Exchange Server
  • Support for SQL Server
  • Easy to use
  • Secure

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