MessageLabs Anti Spam

Message Labs Anti Spam

According to MessageLabs Intelligence Report figures, around 75% of world-wide email traffic is spam. If left uncontrolled, this volume of unsolicited messages would add huge costs to the processing, storage and control of email, and make it virtually unusable as a business tool.

The MessageLabs Email Antispam Service dramatically cuts the amount of spam reaching your organization, so that employees no longer waste time reading and deleting spam, and the processing, storage and bandwidth costs associated with these unsolicited emails is reduced.

MessageLabs Multi-layered Spam defenses

The MessageLabs Email Antispam Service employs a multi-layered defence. At the perimeter of our infrastructure, innovative Traffic and Connection Management capabilities identify, slow down and reject known unwanted email.

The next spam barriers are commercial scanners which stop known threats, and finally Skeptic™ identifies unknown and new spam by using predictive technology, incorporating thousands of heuristics rules, Bayesian learning, smart signatures, fuzzy fingerprinting and dynamic header analysis.

Skeptic™ learns from each message it sees, evolving and updating in real time to actively protect against the latest spam techniques while limiting the number of false positives.

Clients have a range of completely customizable handling options at their disposal for messages identified as spam at the various layers of the service.

Intuitive administrator and end-user spam quarantine tools provide for a flexible and productive antispam experience.

"You have no idea how nice it was to wake up this morning and not see my mailbox packed with junk messages. It feels like I left the chaos of the city and moved to a peaceful, tropical island somewhere." ~Dean S.

Enlightened Technology's Hosted Exchange Email is provided with MessageLabs Anti spam and Anti virus protection, ensuring safe and secure email communications for your business.

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