Case Studies

For over 6 years, Enlightened Technology has provided quality computer technical services and consulting to organizations big and small. From multi-million dollar international corporations to small two person start-ups, we can do it all. Below are recent case studies showcasing our services.

Campfire USA Dallas For years, the Campfire USA organization in Dallas used an under-powered Windows NT Server as their only means of file storage. Enlightened Technology was hired to make recommendations and implement an alternative solution. A new Dell server was purchased and Enlightened Technology installed Windows Server 2003. In addition, existing user accounts and data was migrated from the old NT Server to the new server. Lastly, a robust tape backup solution was installed for data protection.

Richardson Symphony As long and anyone can remember, Richardson Symphony operated its office network using a peer-to-peer configuration of Windows 95 and 98 computers. Enlightened Technology performed a full technology assessment and provided recommendations. Richardson Symphony's computer network was redone from top to bottom starting with a new Windows Server 2003 and new Windows XP workstations. New data cabling was installed as well as a new network switch. Lastly, user training on the many new features of Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP was conducted.

Center for Nonprofit Management Like many mid-sized organizations, The Center for Nonprofit Management outsourced its email service to a hosting company. However, The Center wanted to use the many features of Microsoft Exchange Server that are not available using hosted POP3 email accounts. Enlightened Technology was selected to install and configure Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 and implement its many groupware features. User mailboxes were created, existing email was migrated, and distribution groups were built. In addition, Outlook Web Access was installed to provide remote email capabilities.

OsteoMed For years, the OsteoMed corporation used a custom-built Microsoft Access application for its Product Returns department. Recently, the application started experiencing performance and data corruption problems. As more and more users were added to the system, these problems only compounded. Enlightened Technology was selected to solve this urgent problem. It was evident that the application had outgrown the capabilities of Microsoft Access and so the database was migrated to Microsoft SQL Server. Since the installation and migration to SQL Server, there have been no reports of data corruption or performance problems.

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