Interactive Campaigns

True Marketing and Equity Building Asset

One of the most valuable assets an organization can have is an opt-in email-marketing database. By implementing the tools to collect and build such a database creates a proprietary marketing platform that allows companies to bypass traditional media gatekeepers who charge huge advertising and email rental fees for access to targeted groups of consumers and B2B prospects. A robust marketing database is more than just a means to communicate with your target audience – it is a tangible asset that adds real value and equity to a company.

Newsletters and eAlerts: Creative, Copy and Landing Pages

Our team has helped organizations capitalize on the value of their lists by scheduling and deploying high-impact, email communication programs that convert prospects into sales and customers into repeat customers and advocates.

By implementing eAlerts, eOffers, eInvites or eCirculars, you can convert prospects into customers with concise communication pieces that offer immediate ROI and marketing intelligence. The success of an online marketing campaign is not only dependent on the message ending up in the inbox - it also relies on the conversion power of the click destination or landing page. Not to worry, our team continually develops high-powered landing pages that maximize the ROI of your email programs.


Email Hosting, Serving and Deliverability - By partnering with industry leaders, Enlightened Technology offers a wide range of email list hosting, management, production, serving and tracking solutions. This partnership enables our clients to send regular bulk email blasts in text, HTML and Rich Media formats. Our email managers take care of list additions, unsubscribe requests and bounces from bad addresses. Our team also ensures we are complying with all current CANN Spam regulations and deliverability best practices. Our email content is tested against a wide variety of ISP and corporate spam filters to ensure the highest rates of deliverability possible.

Email Acquisition Services - When used in combination with our Lead Generation services, Enlightened Technology email services can help you to grow your list into a serious branding and sales channel that lives on for years, turning your advertising expenses into equity building investments.

Tracking and Reporting - Our suite of tracking solutions allows us to generate easy-to-read tracking reports that can help test subject lines by measuring how many emails are opened; test offers by measuring what got clicked; and test calls to action and conversions by measuring landing page effectiveness. In addition, our technology can tell us who in your list clicked (and what they clicked on) so reps can prioritize their call lists by what prospects had a recent online interaction with your organization.

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